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Vol. 74/No. 38      October 11, 2010

25, 50 and 75 years ago
October 11, 1985
“Boycott South Africa!”
“Free Nelson Mandela”

These will be two prominent chants at the upcoming anti-apartheid protests in more than 20 cities and on over 100 college campuses October 11 and 12.

Every progressive-minded person and organization should join these solidarity actions with the oppressed South African majority. It is through such mass protests that the demand for a total U.S. political, economic, and diplomatic break with the racist apartheid rulers will have the broadest impact.

These protests have won the support of scores of national and local trade unions, Black rights groups, antiwar and Central America solidarity organizations, Chicano and Puerto Rican groups, and hundreds of student organizations.  
October 10, 1960
The withdrawal of U.S. military forces from Guantanamo Bay in Cuba was urged by Farrell Dobbs in a nationwide telecast Oct. 1. The Socialist Workers presidential candidate branded the maintenance of the naval base there as an example of “gunboat imperialism” and declared that the U.S. should get out of Guantanamo, as the “most obvious first step to take on the road to peace.”

The declaration by Dobbs coincided with ominous new State Department moves against Cuba. On Sept. 30 the Department “advised” U.S. nationals in Cuba to send their wives and children home.

With the overwhelming majority of the Cuban people solidly behind their revolutionary government, even the most hostile observers concede that there is scant prospect of civil strife there.  
October 12, 1935
AKRON, Ohio, Oct. 8—A titanic struggle by Wall Street interests for monopoly control of the rubber industry began openly this week, thus confronting the newly-formed United Rubber Workers of America with the severest challenge to protect the workers that the unions ever faced.

For the price of this war between the capitalists will be thrown on the workers through wage cuts unless the unions can muster sufficient strength to stop this move.

The battle which will take the main form of ruthless tire price slashes to drive other competitors into bankruptcy.

Firestone tried a wage cut in an important department but threat of a spontaneous strike stopped this quickly.  
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