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Vol. 73/No. 43      November 9, 2009

Montreal Communist League candidates
Militant/John Steele

MONTREAL, October 28—The Communist League will wrap up its campaign with the November 1 election here. Running for Montreal mayor is Michel Prairie, shown at left at municipal workers demonstration October 7. Beverly Bernardo is the league’s candidate for mayor of the borough of Villeray-St-Michel-Parc-Extension, shown at right addressing September 12 rally of Tamils.

The Communist League campaign calls for the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of Canadian and all other imperialist troops from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. At home, the Canadian government is conducting trials of immigrants as part of its “war in terror” and using “security certificates” to detain people without charges, threatening all workers’ rights, the campaign states.

“The working class needs to answer this war on our class by organizing a revolutionary struggle to take state power out of the hands of the rulers,” the candidates explain.
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