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Vol. 71/No. 27      July 9, 2007

Young Socialists join swirling
debates at U.S. Social Forum
(Young Socialists in Action column)
This column is written and edited by members of the Young Socialists, a revolutionary socialist youth organization. For more information contact the YS at 306 W. 37th St., 10th floor, New York, NY 10018; tel.: (212) 629-6649; e-mail:

ATLANTA, June 27—Carrying banners and signs demanding “Stop the raids and deportations!”; “Legalization now!”; “Not one penny, not one person for Washington’s wars”; “Troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan”; and “U.S. hands off Cuba and Venezuela,” the Young Socialists marched here today at the opening rally of the U.S. Social Forum. They joined thousands of fellow youth and others under the slogan, “Another world is possible; another U.S. is necessary.”

The YS is participating in the Social Forum to meet other young fighters repulsed by war, oppression, and exploitation. We are discussing and debating the most effective way to make another world—one based on human solidarity and not on increasing the profits of the ruling billionaire families.

The Young Socialists have entered the summer months with a full plate of rounded political activity, further integrating the organization into the working-class movement. From joining in discussions with coal miners in Utah about the need to strengthen the unions to fight for life and limb on the job; to protesting recent migra raids at worksites in places like New Haven, Connecticut; to continuing defense of the Cuban Revolution, YS members across the country are reaching out to other youth who want to find a road forward.

These activities are combined with a series of summer educational programs in Atlanta, New York, San Francisco, and Twin Cities. Through regular weekly classes, young socialists are digging into the program, history, and continuity of the communist movement to better arm us for engaging in struggles today.

These are just some examples of what the Young Socialists, a revolutionary communist youth organization, carries out on a weekly basis.

The Young Socialists seeks to win youth—who abhor the violence of imperialist war, increasing economic uncertainty, and dog-eat-dog values of the capitalist system—to the revolutionary capacity of the working class and its allies worldwide.

To get involved in classes and the other activities of the YS in your area, contact us at the info above or get in touch with the Militant distributor nearest you in the directory on page 8. If you’re in Atlanta for the U.S. Social Forum, you’ll find us at the Pathfinder Book center at 1146 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd. SW. Call us there at (404) 758-2151.
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