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Vol. 71/No. 27      July 9, 2007

Socialists campaign at U.S. Social Forum
with ‘Militant’ and ‘New International’
(front page)
ATLANTA, June 27—Supporters of the Militant were out in full force today at the opening march of the U.S. Social Forum. At the five-day event, which concludes July 1, they have taken a goal of selling 250 subscriptions to the socialist newsweekly and 100 copies of the two most recent issues of New International, a magazine of Marxist politics and theory.

In the first day, 26 participants signed up for subscriptions and 3 bought copies of New International. More than 50 socialist campaigners will join in the effort through the weekend.

Members of the Young Socialists, Socialist Workers Party, and other Militant supporters attending the Forum are introducing people to a working-class perspective as they participate in wide-ranging discussions. Among those who signed up for a subscription today was a student from Rhode Island who had subscribed in the past and was glad to renew.

For new and current subscribers to the Militant, three Pathfinder titles are being offered at steep discounts: The First and Second Declarations of Havana and Cuba and the Coming American Revolution are on sale for $5, and the pamphlet The Working Class and the Transformation of Learning is on sale for a dollar. All Forum participants can pick up the two newest issues of New International magazine for $10 each and any other Pathfinder title at a 15 percent discount.

Militant readers can take advantage of this offer by bringing the coupon on page 6 to any Militant and Pathfinder distributor listed on page 8, or online at by entering USSF2007 in the space for Coupon Code on the Review and Submit page (see ad on page 6). The offer is good until July 15.
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