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Vol. 74/No. 41      November 1, 2010

Join the socialist
campaign effort
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In the final two weeks before the elections, the Militant invites our readers to join in campaigning for the Socialist Workers Party candidates who are running in local races across the United States. From picket lines in Iowa, to protests against police brutality in California, to antiwar rallies in Illinois, and demonstrations against hospital closings in New York, working people can expect to see socialist candidates offering solidarity and presenting a working-class alternative to the Democratic and Republican parties.

Socialist candidates are reaching a wide audience this year as the effects of the worldwide capitalist depression are destroying the lives of millions of working people, and wars are expanding in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Many are looking for a way to fight back.

Combining immediate demands to protect working people from employer and government assaults on our standard of living, along with a more far-reaching revolutionary perspective for workers to take political power, the socialist candidates are discussing this message with as many working people as possible over the next two weeks. The socialist campaigns welcome the help of readers of the Militant who want to promote a wider hearing for a working-class and revolutionary solution to the capitalist crisis.

One the most effective ways to advance the socialist perspective of working people running society is to introduce fighting workers and youth to the book Malcolm X, Black Liberation, and the Road to Workers Power, by Jack Barnes, and to the Militant newspaper. You can do this by joining the international campaign to sell 1,800 copies of the book and win 2,100 new and long-term readers to the Militant by November 9.

A supporter of the socialist campaign who participated in the October 2 march for jobs in Washington, D.C., wrote to the Militant this week: “This afternoon I saw the electrician who sat behind me on the bus to Washington, who had bought three copies of the Workers Power book at the rally. I asked him how far he had gotten with the book and he pulled it out from the backseat of his car and showed me his bookmark a third of the way through.”

“This is an awesome book,” the worker said, adding that the two friends he had bought copies for really liked it as well.

Similar discussions are happening around the world as workers share their experiences and discuss the political perspectives put forward by socialist campaigners through the Workers Power book and the Militant.

Some 68 copies of the book along with dozens of other titles from Pathfinder Press have been sold at the protests and strikes in France in recent weeks.

During the final weeks of the campaign, we encourage readers to join in the effort. We still have another 100 subscriptions to add to the quotas column of the chart below, and we remain behind schedule for the number of subscriptions sold. Contact a distributor in your area (see page 8) to campaign with socialist candidates; sign up your coworkers, friends, and family members for subscriptions; and purchase an extra copy of the book to give to someone like the worker mentioned above.

Paul Mailhot
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