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Vol. 80/No. 24      June 20, 2016


Communist League in Australia: Workers need to organize independent of bosses

Militant/Linda Harris

ORANGE, Australia — Arthur McLean, left, and Beryl McLean were pleased to talk with Ron Poulsen, right, the Communist League candidate for Senate from New South Wales in the July 2 federal elections. Poulsen and other campaigners were knocking on doors here, a four hour drive west of Sydney.

“Working people have the capacity, as they showed in Cuba, to build a movement to displace the capitalist rulers,” Poulsen said. The McLeans got a subscription to the Militant and signed to put the working-class candidate on the ballot.

Communist League campaigners learned that Electrolux, the biggest manufacturing plant here, closed down a few months ago putting 200 out of work.

Carl Yeager, who worked at Electrolux for a time, also signed to put Poulsen on the ballot. He said the town council was about to lay off many workers, adding that neither the Liberals nor Labor in government do anything for working people. “The working class needs to organize independently of the bosses’ parties,” Poulsen said.


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