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Vol. 80/No. 14      April 11, 2016


‘We need a workers party independent of capitalists’

MINNEAPOLIS — David Rosenfeld, Socialist Workers Party candidate for U.S. Congress here, joined a March 26 protest of 400 people demanding prosecution of the two cops who killed 24-year-old Jamar Clark in November.

“It seems like we’re back in the ’50s and ’60s with the way the cops act,” Oscar Day, a blues musician, told Rosenfeld.

“I think persistent actions like this and others around the country have increased the number of prosecutions of killer police in the past year,” responded Rosenfeld.

Day told the candidate, “I don’t know who I’m voting for, but I’m definitely not voting for Trump. Maybe having a woman president will make another war less likely.”

“Both the Democrats and Republicans are the bosses’ parties,” Rosenfeld said. “The challenge for the working class is to stop looking to them to solve our problems. We need to organize a political movement that is independent of the capitalists.” Day decided to buy the book Is Socialist Revolution in the U.S. Possible? and a copy of the Militant.

A day earlier Rosenfeld joined hundreds of supporters of the right of women to choose abortion outside the Vandalia Street Planned Parenthood clinic in St. Paul. They were countering the yearly Good Friday rally by opponents of abortion rights.

The Twin Cities SWP branch is stepping up the pace and geographical spread of its campaigning and involving more people in preparation for an ambitious three-week drive starting May 17 to put the SWP presidential ticket of Alyson Kennedy and Osborne Hart on the Minnesota ballot. Those who would like to be part of that effort can call (612) 729-1205 or send email to
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