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Vol. 80/No. 8      February 29, 2016


Support the SWP 2016 campaign!

The Militant urges its readers to join Alyson Kennedy and Osborne Hart, Socialist Workers Party candidates for president and vice president, Eleanor García, SWP candidate for U.S. Senate in California, and more SWP candidates to come, in fighting alongside workers in city and countryside to defend ourselves against attacks on our wages and working conditions as the slow-burning capitalist crisis deepens.

The Socialist Workers Party campaign fights for a working-class way forward out of the dog-eat-dog capitalist system and the depression conditions it imposes on workers and our allies. Capitalist contraction and resulting attacks on workers in industry and on the land mark every part of the world.

Kennedy and Hart address what workers know: real unemployment in the U.S. is far higher than the 5 percent claimed by government officials, who don’t count the “discouraged” worker, retirees, students, disabled workers or stay-at-home parents. Propertied rulers squander the productive capacity of millions and condemn them to isolation and demoralization. A workers and farmers government will recognize the humanity and dignity of every worker and draw on the capacities of all — so that learning, producing and creating can be lifelong activities to advance humanity.

The Socialist Workers Party candidates and campaigners join and help build labor and social fights today — from demonstrations against police killings in Chicago to rallies by Los Angeles warehouse workers fighting for safer working conditions and representation by the Teamsters union. As they fight shoulder to shoulder with fellow workers, they point to the need for unions to act as tribunes of the whole working class, and all oppressed and exploited allies.

As these struggles grow, workers gain confidence and class-consciousness, becoming more competent, more capable of leading a struggle to overthrow the dictatorship of capital.

The Cuban Revolution provides living inspiring proof that ordinary workers and farmers are capable of making a thorough-going revolution and, in the process, become what Che Guevara called new men and women, capable of building a society based on relations of human solidarity and internationalism.

Join the Socialist Workers Party campaign!
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