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Vol. 79/No. 19      May 25, 2015

End US embargo of Cuba!
“And now, what’s next?” Gerardo Hernández, one of the Cuban Five, posed to participants in the international solidarity conference with Cuba held in Havana May 2. The fight to free the Cuban Five ended in victory last December.

Hernández’s speech was a call to action to use that victory to advance the ongoing fight to end Washington’s barbarous embargo and to defend Cuba’s sovereignty and its socialist revolution.

We join Hernández in pledging to step up the battle to win the release of Puerto Rican independence fighter Oscar López, who has been in prison in the U.S. for nearly 34 years. Build and join the East Coast march to free López in New York May 30!

Don’t make the mistake of thinking it was negotiations with Washington that won freedom for the Five, Hernández said. It was the mobilization of millions, the combined effort of all those who raised their voices and extended a hand of solidarity in the struggle.

And the value of the fight is not just the end result, he said, but the daily impact of solidarity in breaking the isolation that the rulers try to impose. That support made it possible for the Five to keep up their spirits in prison. It continues, every day, to help the revolutionary toilers in Cuba stand firm.

“Cuba has not moved away even a tiny bit from its principles,” he added. This includes the moral values, the attitudes of solidarity that developed in struggle as Cuban toilers made and today defend their revolution. They are demonstrated in the conduct and character of the Cuban Five, and in the proletarian internationalism of the volunteers who fought and defeated the apartheid South African invasion in Angola, to those providing medical care from West Africa to Nepal today.

Join in demanding: End the U.S. embargo, return Guantánamo to Cuba, end Washington’s ceaseless attempts to overturn Cuba’s socialist revolution.

Help get out the truth about the Cuban Revolution. As we do so, working people around the world can learn how Cuban toilers overthrew the rule of capital, transforming themselves in the process, built a workers and farmers government and reorganized society based on human need, not profit — an example for all of us to emulate.
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