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Vol. 79/No. 12      April 6, 2015

Class struggle road in Israel, Palestine

The March 17 election in Israel — contrary to the doomsayers — shows that the door is open for working people in Israel and the Palestinian territories to advance on a course toward less bloodshed and win more political space for the toilers there and throughout the region.

That’s the opposite of the view of liberals and leftists in the U.S. and Israel. It doesn’t fit their false schema that Jewish workers in Israel are a reactionary mass and Israel is different from any other nation on earth.

Netanyahu, in part because of his history and image, is more able to agree to concessions both to the just fight for a Palestinian homeland and to demands of the labor movement than his opponents. What can be achieved will depend on whether a Palestinian leadership emerges that can lead the toilers to fight along this course.

This opening was confirmed within days, when leaders of the Arab-based Joint List announced a march demanding legal recognition of 46 Bedouin Arab villages in southern Israel and Israeli President Reuven Rivlin agreed to meet with them.

Above all, what toilers in the Mideast need today is a working-class perspective and leadership. Israel — like every capitalist state worldwide — is divided into the propertied rulers on one side and workers on the other. The road forward lies in winning the most political space for our side — the working class and farmer allies — to fight and learn and to unite across national divisions.

This begins with the fight to stop the endless cycle of conflict and war. A Palestinian leadership must emerge that will counter Hamas’ reactionary course of continual military conflicts aimed at Israel’s destruction.

The existence of Israel — both as a Jewish and an increasingly multinational and secular capitalist state — is a fact. The workers movement and fighters for Palestinian national rights must start from this reality.

Similarly, we must fight to win recognition of Palestine today, however Balkanized by the Israeli rulers’ settlement policy. This will open the door for struggles to expand Palestine, winning a contiguous and functional Palestinian state.
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