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Vol. 79/No. 6      February 23, 2015

All out to back striking oil workers!
More than 5,000 United Steelworkers-organized oil workers on strike at 11 refineries across the country are standing up for safety against the profit-driven oil barons’ greed. The strike, now in its second week, is the most important labor battle taking place in the U.S., with an impact around the world.

This is both a labor and a social battle. At its heart is defense of the life and limb of workers on the job and those who live near mines, mills, factories and rail lines, as well as the fight for workers control of conditions on the job. The strikers deserve the vigorous support of all working people.

Spirited rallies Feb. 7 at more than 50 locations across the country drew strikers, other unionists and workers who recognize the strikers are fighting for all working people.

There will be more solidarity actions. Militant readers and other class-conscious workers need to spread the word about the stakes of this struggle, win our unions to mobilize members to reinforce the picket lines, under the discipline of the oil workers, and get messages of support and donations from union locals as well as those who have participated in marches against cop violence and other social struggles.

The oil workers’ struggle strengthens battles by other workers as well as social protests — from Walmart workers demanding $15 an hour and full-time work and rail workers who refuse to accept the one-person “crew” to those standing up against police brutality and for a woman’s right to choose abortion.

The class battle in oil points the way forward in the fight to organize and rebuild unions and to demand workers control of production to ensure safety. These in turn advance our class along the road to building a mass international revolutionary working-class movement that can end the dictatorship of capital, establish a workers and farmers government and join in advancing the fight for a socialist world.
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