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Vol. 78/No. 26      July 21, 2014


Greece: Hundreds learn about
Cuban 5 at Anti-Racist Festival

Militant photos by Georges Mehrabian

ATHENS, Greece — The fourth
leg of the Greek tour of prison
paintings by Antonio Guerrero,
one of the Cuban Five, took place at the July 4-6 Anti-Racist Festival here. Some 300 people stopped to view the exhibit and read descriptions of each painting and other material on the fight to free the Cuban Five. The José Martí Cultural Association and Hasta La Victoria Siempre hosted the exhibit.

The Anti-Racist Festival is an annual event put together by the Coordinating Committee of Immigrant and Anti-Racist Organizations. About 20,000 people, mainly youth, attended this year’s festival.

Diethnes Vima, a publisher of Greek-language books on socialism, had a table near the exhibit and sold 23 books on the Cuban Five, the Cuban Revolution and other issues of interest to workers and youth looking to confront the capitalist assault on living standards, rights and dignity.


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