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Vol. 77/No. 33      September 23, 2013

Solidarity with Syrian
workers and farmers!
No to Assad butchery! No to US intervention!
(lead article, SWP campaign statement)

The following statement was issued Sept. 10 by the Socialist Workers Party candidates for Des Moines City Council — Margaret Trowe, at-large; Ellen Brickley, Ward 1; and David Rosenfeld, Ward 3. It was released nationally the next day by John Studer, organizer of the party’s national campaign committee. The three working-class candidates were informed Sept. 6 they will appear on the ballot.

We stand shoulder to shoulder with millions of workers across Syria who have been mobilizing for two and a half years against brutal assaults and repression carried out by the Assad regime. Workers of a broad range of nationalities and faiths — Sunnis, Shiites, Palestinians, Kurds, Christians and others — have said, “Enough!” to decades of abuse. The recent chemical weapon attack comes as part of a widening civil war that has left 100,000 dead and more than 6 million internal and external refugees.

We unconditionally oppose U.S. government intervention in Syria or anywhere in the Middle East. The capitalist rulers of the United States are a deadly enemy of working people at home and abroad. For decades they have intervened repeatedly in the Middle East and North Africa seeking to keep workers and farmers from gaining control of the patrimony of their lands, to reap the profits flowing from oil in the region, and to impose stability for the capitalist world order.

The working people of Syria are fighting for political space and against a brutal regime as they also fight to block reactionary Islamist-jihadi forces seeking to take advantage of the war to broaden their field of operations in the region. We call on working people in this country to stand in solidarity with this fight.
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