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Vol. 77/No. 29      AUGUST 12, 2013

US socialist candidates talk with
fellow workers in Egypt
Militant/Paul Mailhot
Socialist Workers Party candidate for New York City mayor, Dan Fein (right), speaks with Raef El-wishee in Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt, July 28. Elwishee, an Egyptian-American building worker, told Fein and Mary Martin, SWP candidate for Seattle mayor, that he and his son were tortured in 2007 by Egyptian government forces under Hosni Mubarak as U.S. officials witnessed. Elwishee said he supported the recent overthrow of the Morsi government. “The Muslim Brother-hood did nothing to revive the economy and divided the country — for or against the Brotherhood. But most Muslims do not agree with those positions.” “Working people in the U.S. and Egypt face common problems,” Martin said. “That is why we are here to learn about your struggles.” “Our history is just beginning,” Elwishee said. “We’ve moved from dictatorship to democratic openings over a very short time. Workers are starting to become active now.”
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