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Vol. 77/No. 21      June 3, 2013

SWP candidate: ‘Jail cop
who killed Ramarley Graham’
Militant/Candace Wagner

NEW YORK — Dan Fein, Socialist Workers Party candidate for mayor here, speaks at May 18 protest in the Bronx against judge’s decision to throw out man-slaughter indictment of cop who shot Ramarley Graham in his apartment in February 2012. “The Socialist Workers Party stands in solidarity with the families of Ramarley Gra-ham, Shantel Davis, Kimani Gray and all other victims of police brutality,” said Fein. “The role of the police is to defend the capitalist system of exploitation and to keep working people intimidated and in our place. That’s what Richard Haste was doing when he shot and killed Ramarley Graham. He belongs behind bars.”

“I was impressed with your comments. I find nothing to support in the other mayoral candidates, including John Liu,” Lisa Johnson, a real estate worker, told Fein after the rally.


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