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Vol. 77/No. 13      April 8, 2013

‘Diverse religious institutions
are united behind Cuban Five’
(feature article)
We are here, as we have been from the beginning, alongside the families of the Five. We are alongside our imprisoned brothers in the United States and, above all, alongside our people, who have waged a historic battle to free the Five. And just as we have won many other battles in our history, we will win this one, too.

Inspired by his faith, by his convictions, and by the strength of his struggle, Dr. Martin Luther King stood near the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., on Aug. 28, 1963, and dared to condemn the falseness of what—when Abraham Lincoln pronounced the abolition of slavery—could have been a great glory for the American people. Martin Luther King recalled that although slavery had been abolished, black Americans still were not free. He raised his prophetic voice to say, “I have a dream.”

Our people, too, have been marching toward this shared dream—though not in the way the empire wants us to. So they pay people to travel the world to try to globalize—not tenderness or brotherhood, much less the truth—but lies and falsehoods.

We don’t need to use those methods. We promote dreams, not the nightmares the empire creates, as they’ve done with the Five.

Despite the history of our country, despite the history of discrimination and racism we inherited from capitalism, we have created something here. The diverse religious institutions of our people have united around the Five and their relatives to create a platform from which we reach out to the world to defend the Five and demand their freedom, turning the strength of our people into an ever greater force.

That is what we promised, and that is what we are doing.
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