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Vol. 76/No. 19      May 14, 2012

The 1% vs. The 99%:
The Actual Class Relations
in Capitalist Society

About this page

The page reproduced here was part of a larger display titled “The Politics of the 99% vs. the Class Struggle Road Forward.” It was one of more than a dozen displays presented during a public meeting in New York March 10 titled “After Labor Resistance and Solidarity: What’s the Revolutionary Political Road Forward for the Working Class?” Because the displays generated a lot of discussion and interest at the meeting, the Militant has decided to reprint a few for its readers over the next several weeks.

The figures cited here were extrapolated from reports of the labor and agriculture departments, and other sources. Since these statistics are compiled in a way that obscures class relations, some should be considered close approximations, particularly the class distinctions among those who work in the government and service sectors.


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