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Vol. 75/No. 32      September 12, 2011

Socialist candidate on ballot
in Houston mayoral election
HOUSTON—Amanda Ulman, 36, an assembly-line worker and the Socialist Workers Party candidate for mayor here, has been certified for the ballot. “To put an end to the deepening economic crisis and the resulting rising unemployment and imperialist wars that continue to spread, working people need to take political power,” Ulman said as she filed for ballot status.

So far, the only other candidate on the ballot is Democrat Kevin Simms. He is the CEO of Multicultural Action Group, which is “dedicated to helping small businesses obtain contracts,” according to My Fox Houston. Incumbent Mayor Annise Parker, also a Democrat, has announced plans to run for a second term, but as of August 26 had not yet filed.

Due to Houston’s undemocratic election laws, designed to keep workers off the ballot, Ulman was forced to pay a filing fee of $1,250. The election is November 8.

Following the filing of her ballot papers, Ulman and Jacquie Henderson, SWP candidate for City Council At-Large Position 1, spoke with a reporter for Univisión Channel 45.

Ulman has also been campaigning in working-class neighborhoods and among her fellow workers at a forklift assembly plant in Houston. Ten of her coworkers have contributed a total of $130 to the campaign. Three coworkers recently subscribed to the Militant for the first time and one attended the event launching the campaign.

Carlos Cruz, a 45-year-old assembly-line worker, told the Militant, “I like her way of thinking. She works in favor of workers, immigrants, and the right of women to choose abortion. She’s thinking about the future.”

Coverage of Ulman’s campaign on local Spanish-language news was noted by fellow workers as well as people on the street.

When Ulman entered a local donut shop, Rosa Martinez, the manager, said, “We saw you on the news last week. What do you think of Obama’s announcement, reviewing the cases of 300,000 people facing deportation?”

“I’m against all deportations, whether or not the person has a criminal record,” Ulman replied. “We have to keep fighting for the immediate and unconditional legalization of everyone.

“This is a fight for all working people, not just immigrant workers and not just young people trying to get an education. That’s why I join every action for immigrant rights when there’s an opportunity and encourage other workers to do the same.”  
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