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Vol. 75/No. 8      February 28, 2011

25, 50 and 75 years ago
February 28, 1986
AUSTIN, Minn.—Four thousand unionists, farmers and their families, and students from all over the country gathered here February 15 to protest attempts to bust United Food and Commercial Workers Local P-9. The UFCW local has been on strike six months against Hormel meatpacking company.

Hundreds of steelworkers, auto workers, teachers, truck drivers, refinery workers, longshoremen, public employees, and hospital workers marched carrying signs identifying their unions.

At the rally site, a large banner that read "Guard out of Austin" was brought onto the stage. The National Guard remains in Austin herding scabs for Hormel. Although there are several hundred scabs in the struck plant, production remains minimal.  
February 27, 1961
Less than a week after the admission of the shocking murder of Congo independence leaders Patrice Lumumba, Maurice Mpolo and Joseph Okito, which set off protest demonstrations throughout the world, the United Nations was forced to confess that the U.S.-supported Kasavubu government had secretly sent at least six more political prisoners to South Kasai for "safekeeping" and that they had been butchered.

The crisis in the United Nations, precipitated by the announcement of the murder of Lumumba, is being pictured by all the capitalist spokesmen as a Soviet "declaration of war" on the UN. Their claim is that the UN offers the only hope to avoid civil war in the Congo and its possible widening into a world conflict.  
February 29, 1936
EARLE, Ark.—The share croppers of Crittenden county are going through hell. This whole area is a picture of starvation, eviction and terror.

Two meetings were raided recently by mobs composed of planters, landlords, deputies, and riding bosses. Howard Kester, Secretary of the Central Defense Committee of the Union, [was] dragged from the platform of a church, beaten and threatened with lynching. The five hundred croppers attending the meeting were attacked with clubs and axe handles.

The dying agricultural system of the South must be overthrown, and its beneficiaries expropriated by the tenants themselves. This is a task for the future. Today the Union must be supported by protest actions and donations.  
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