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Vol. 74/No. 45      November 29, 2010

25, 50 and 75 years ago
November 28, 1985
MANAGUA, Nicaragua—“There are still more battles to wage,” explained Nicaraguan Minister of Defense Humberto Ortega, “but the course is clear.”

“We have been able to put the mercenaries on the defensive,” he told the nation recently, referring to the CIA-sponsored counterrevolutionaries, who are waging war against Nicaragua.

He repeated the evaluation that Sandinista leaders have made previously: the counterrevolutionary forces, or contras, have begun to suffer a “strategic defeat.”

The defense minister rejected Washington’s campaign to present Nicaragua’s ties with Cuba as illegitimate.  
November 28, 1960
“If the white segregationists now rioting in Louisiana were to try the same thing in Cuba they would find themselves very quickly in the revolutionary jug or under observation in mental hospitals where they belong,” declared [Afro-American correspondent] William Worthy at a Harlem meeting Nov. 17 sponsored by the New York Chapter of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee.

He said that “overt racial discrimination has been eliminated in Cuba by the revolutionary government partly because they really enforce the antidiscrimination law and partly because of the economic and social reforms which have been carried out.”  
November 30, 1935
TOLEDO, Ohio, November 26—At the mass meeting of the Toledo Chevrolet workers, held this Saturday afternoon, the Chevrolet men unanimously rejected the company’s proposal of a seven and a half hour day, four-day week, three shifts—a proposal which would automatically throw 900 of the Chevrolet employees out into the street.

The Chevrolet executive committee is already establishing contacts with the “Committee for Industrial Unionism” with the aim of immediately organizing Saginaw and Muncie and other unorganized General Motors plants in the Detroit area.

The prospects are that hell will be popping loose around these parts.  
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