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Vol. 74/No. 43      November 15, 2010

France: Refinery strikers win solidarity
GRANDPUITS, France—Workers here struck the Total oil refinery at Grandpuits near Paris October 12, part of the battle against the government’s pension “reform.” They voted to return to work October 29.

Striker Rodolphe Avice told the Militant that the strikes hit the government hard and took them by surprise. “They even had to use the strategic oil reserve,” he said, kept for use in the event of war.

The police were granted a court injunction October 22 ordering individual workers who fuel the petrol tankers—on pain of prison sentences if they refused—to end their strike in the interests of “national security.”

Pickets blocking the oil depot were dispersed by some 20 busloads of militarized police.

Workers at the refinery were boosted by solidarity from other workers. The union received around 5,000 messages of support and hundreds joined their contingent during a national day of action in Paris.
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