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Vol. 74/No. 37      October 4, 2010

25, 50 and 75 years ago
October 4, 1985
U.S. Federal Judge F. Owen Eagan has denied bail to Hilton Fernández and Luis Colón, two of the 13 Puerto Rican independence activists arrested in recent FBI raids in Puerto Rico, the United States, and Mexico.

The judge cited the 1984 Bail Reform Act, which restricts the right to bail for those the U.S. government considers “dangerous.” Eleven of these activists were arrested in a paramilitary FBI attack in Puerto Rico on August 30.

Some 200 FBI agents entered Puerto Rico, raiding 38 homes and offices of independence activists.

All were charged with participating in the $7 million robbery of a Wells Fargo armored truck in Connecticut in 1983. The U.S. government claims that these activists are members of the Macheteros, a pro-independence organization.  
October 3, 1960
An unscrupulous maneuver by the Democratic party to restrict the [New York] state ballot to the two capitalist parties received a decided setback yesterday when the office of the Secretary of State in Albany upheld the independent nominating petition for the presidential ticket of the Socialist Workers party.

The challenges were made by Monroe Goldwater of New York, Chairman of the Democratic State Legal Commission.

Despite the fact that the SWP filed 23,197 signatures, nearly twice the 12,000 required by law and more than doubled the requirement of 50 signatures from each of 61 counties in the state, Goldwater charged that neither minimum requirement was met.  
October 5, 1935
The armies of Italian Fascism, after months of deliberate preparation, have now launched their attack upon the Ethiopian peoples. Driven by the intolerable strains of internal social and economic contradictions, Mussolini and the Italian bourgeoisie seek a solution in open imperialist aggression against the last of the independent nations of Africa.

The outbreak of war in Africa demonstrates that the conflicts of world imperialism have reached the stage of armed struggle for a re-making of boundaries, and a re-division of territories and colonial possessions. The war in Ethiopia must be understood as the prelude to the new imperialist world war.

The Workers Party calls for the defense of the Ethiopian peoples against Italian aggression.  
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