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Vol. 74/No. 36      September 27, 2010

25, 50 and 75 years ago
September 27, 1985
An estimated 7,500 Wheeling-Pittsburgh steelworkers and their supporters marched through the streets of Monessen, Pennsylvania. The September 7 march took place on the street bordering the Wheeling-Pittsburgh Monessen plant. It was the third demonstration in as many weeks to be called by the United Steelworkers of America (USWA).

USWA members were forced out on strike at Wheeling-Pittsburgh plants July 21, when the company tore up its contract with the USWA and reduced wages and benefits by 23 percent. The company acted after getting the green light from a bankruptcy court.  
September 26, 1960
An Idaho union charged Sept. 3 that Air Force personnel were being used as strikebreakers at an installation on the Atomic Energy Commission’s national reactor testing station in that state. Pat McCord, president of the Idaho Falls local of the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers, asked that immediate steps be taken to stop a “private corporation from using Air Force personnel as strikebreakers against the federally protected rights of American citizens.”

Phillips Petroleum brought in the Air Force scabs when 575 union members walked out Aug. 31 upon expiration of their contract.  
September 28, 1935
As the League of Nations Council decides to invoke sanctions against Italy should the negotiations between Great Britain, France and Mussolini fail to reach a solution on Ethiopia mutually satisfactory to the imperialist robbers, the traitorous Socialist and Stalinist internationals are mobilizing workers for support of the anti-Italian imperialists.

Great Britain and France have not yet given up attempts to come to an agreement with Mussolini. Their interest is not the independence of Ethiopia, for not only are they oppressing millions of colonial people throughout the world, including Africa, but they have already offered Italy control of Ethiopia.  
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