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Vol. 74/No. 30      August 9, 2010

25, 50 and 75 years ago
August 9, 1985
The U.S. government continues to support the racist regime in South Africa as it steps up murders, jailings, and other forms of repression against heroic Black youths, trade unionists, and others who are fighting to put an end to apartheid.

As of July 31, South African cops admitted having arrested more than 1,200 and killed at least 20 people since the state of emergency was imposed on 36 urban districts July 20.

But Black rights groups like the Detainees’ Parents Support Committee insist that the figures are higher.

Nor has the escalating repression ended the current wave of protests although news about protest actions has been reduced to a trickle under the state of emergency.  
August 8, 1960
The Cuban revolution is an event of major significance to North as well as South America. Not since the victory of the Chinese people over dictator Chiang Kai-shek in 1949 have the two continents been so stirred. The rise in fear among the reactionary property-holding classes is registered in the preoccupation of the capitalist press and the State Department over the “menace” that has appeared on the tiny island in the Caribbean. In contrast, the rise in hope among the workers and peasants throughout Latin America is visible in constant trade-union resolutions and popular demonstrations in support of Cuba. Moreover, the progress of the political, economic, and social overturn in what was formerly one of Wall Street’s holdings has inspired fresh political currents.  
August 10, 1935
PORTLAND, Ore-gon—Determined to smash the solidarity of the marine workers of the Pacific Coast, evidenced by the formation of the Maritime Federation of the Pacific refusal to handle scab cargo, and the ousting of such reactionary officials as Scharrenberg of the International Seamen’s Union, the waterfront employers have launched a drive that has as its goal the smashing of every marine union on the West coast and a return to the intolerable conditions prevailing prior to last summer’s strike.

Time after time during the past year the longshoremen and seamen have demonstrated their working-class solidarity by refusing to handle scab cargo and work ships loaded by scabs.  
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