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Vol. 74/No. 21      May 31, 2010

25, 50 and 75 years ago
May 31, 1985
Over the weekend of May 17-19, right-wing Vietnamese thugs in San José [California] have escalated their attacks on the Socialist Workers Party and the Young Socialist Alliance.

Their attempt to disrupt a May 18-19 SWP and YSA educational conference on Vietnam failed. More than 120 people attended, and the socialists and other supporters of democratic rights are stepping up the campaign to defend the right to hold public meetings and discussions about Vietnam.

After burning a Vietnamese flag, about 50 of the thugs rushed across the street, charging the conference monitors. Seeing that the monitors did not retreat, but that more appeared, the thugs stopped short.  
May 30, 1960
The list of new subscribers to the Militant keeps growing from week to week. We have received 505 new subscriptions and 124 renewals, since the beginning of the sub campaign on April 15.

We have gone through a sufficient body of experience now to permit the generalization that those Militant supporter groups who have put out maximum efforts have accounted for the bulk of the new subscribers and renewals. There are some groups who are lagging way behind and some, I am sorry to say, who have not even started. I feel sure these groups will be encouraged to get into the swing of the campaign by the successes of the more energetic ones.  
June 1, 1935
The National Unemployed League condemned the administration’s “starvation wage scale” in a letter to President Roosevelt stating, “The organized unemployed will refuse to work for the privilege of starving on wage rates which are not enough to live on and just too much to die on.”

The League demands the President scrap the entire present program by going before Congress for the Workers Security Bill sponsored by the National Unemployed League.

The Bill provides for the 30 hour week in all industry; a program of public works on a basis of 30 hours per week; a system of unemployment and social insurance to be paid by the employers and the government.  
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