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Vol. 74/No. 17      May 3, 2010

25, 50 and 75 years ago
May 3, 1985
Recent revelations confirm an escalating pattern of government harassment of people who have visited Nicaragua or who are involved in opposition to Washington’s war in Central America.

The aim of this harassment is to intimidate those traveling to Nicaragua and other opponents of the U.S. war in Central America. It is also to lay the groundwork for curtailing most, if not all, travel to Nicaragua.

Illegal prying, disruptions, and victimization have been engaged in by the FBI, the Post Office, the Internal Revenue Service, the Customs Service, and the Defense Investigative Service. The FBI said some of its interrogations were done at the request of the CIA and the National Security Council.

FBI director William Webster told a House committee April 17 that the FBI had questioned 100 travelers to Nicaragua over the past two years.  
May 2, 1960
The Korean people have brought an end to the twelve-year-old dictatorship of Syngman Rhee.

Through two rounds of demonstrations involving several million people in the major South Korean cities, the population has taken the fate of the country into its hands.

The dictator, a creature of the landlords and capitalists and a stooge of the American State Department, tried at first to crush the movement of the popular masses through use of his murderous police.

On April 19, the cops had fired point blank into the thousands of students that marched on Rhee’s palace to protest still another outrageously rigged election on March 15.

The Rhee government said 124 were killed and 777 wounded. Unofficial estimates of the casualties ran twice as high.  
May 4, 1935
Swift massing storm clouds of labor revolt are spreading darkly throughout the nation over the wide-flung domain of General Motors Corporation. Moving with a precision, speed and power seldom ever displayed in this country, the progressive and militant strike committee of the struck Toledo Chevrolet plant, headed by Jim Roland, twice today landed lightning blows against the massive citadel of Sloan, Rascob, DuPont and Co. and forced the shut-down of the huge Fisher Body plant in Cleveland, Ohio, and the Chevrolet assembly and Fisher Body plants in Norwood, Ohio, suburb of Cincinnati.

Riding rough-shod over the stalling and cowardly policies of Bill Green and his official machine, the Toledo strikers, acting through their local strike committee, have already sent strike calls to all locals of the United Automobile Workers Federal Labor Union in G.M.C. plants.  
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