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Vol. 74/No. 16      April 26, 2010

Read, Sell, & Discuss
Malcolm X, Black Liberation,
& the Road to Workers Power

Since its arrival, Militant supporters have found an interested audience for Malcolm X, la liberación de los negros y el camino al poder obrero, the Spanish edition of the new Pathfinder book Malcolm X, Black Liberation, and the Road to Workers Power. In March, 22 copies of the book were sold in Texas.

At a March 21 protest in defense of immigrant rights here, two area high school students were interested in buying the book along with an introductory Militant subscription. They were trying to pool the money in their pockets to buy the book. After a couple of minutes, the father of one of the youths walked by. After listening to the discussion, he pulled out his wallet to make up the difference.

Alejandro, a young meat packer at a Lufkin area poultry processing plant, came by the table several times to review the selection of revolutionary literature. As the rally ended, he returned to the table and said, referring to the U.S. ruling class, “one thing is for sure, we cannot leave these people in charge.” He bought a copy of Workers Power in Spanish.

Several long-term readers of the Militant are also buying copies of the book. Otilio, a bus driver who takes workers from Mexico to destinations all along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts, made arrangements to pick up the book as he came through Houston. Saying he had read parts of the book in the Militant, he picked up a copy for himself, and two more to introduce to friends, coworkers, and passengers.

—Steve Warshell

Supporters of the Militant participated in a series of activities here April 8-11 with sales of 37 copies of Malcolm X, Black Liberation, and the Road to Workers Power along with 44 subscriptions.

At a National Association of Chicana and Chicano Studies conference, a student from San Jose State told volunteer Edwin Fruit that he was thinking of getting the book to find out about how Malcolm X and Martin Luther King’s views were coming closer together toward the end of their lives. Fruit told him that the book explains how their views were more and more diverging. The student decided to get the book and a sub to the Militant.

During the three-day conference 25 participants purchased the Workers Power book and 28 signed up to become new readers of the Militant.

At an April 10 demonstration for immigrant rights, one participant said she wanted to read the Workers Power book to learn how to fight for her rights. Seven of the new books were sold at the action—four of them the Spanish edition—and 13 subscriptions.

Militant supporters also participated in a rally supporting Teamster union members fighting for a new contract at Waste Management in Seattle. The company is demanding cuts in pension payments and that workers pay more for health insurance coverage. Two Workers Power books were sold there, along with three subscriptions.

—Mary Martin

Sydney, Australia
We just had a great week, enabling us to do a big catch up! We sold 14 Militant subscriptions and 11 Workers Power books—8 of them with subs. These came from a two-day Feminist Conference here, which drew almost 500 people; an African culture event; and an Australia-Cuba Friendship Society event, where 45 people heard a young woman, Odalys López Sarmiento, from the Asia Pacific Division of the Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples, speak about the internationalist missions of Cuban doctors around the world and the Cuban Revolution.

At the Feminist Conference a student originally from the Congo bought Malcolm X, Black Liberation, and the Road to Workers Power and a subscription. We had met him two weeks ago at the University of Western Sydney and he was on our callback list to get the book.

—Ron Poulson
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