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Vol. 73/No. 37      September 28, 2009

Campaign for new readers
of ‘Militant’ enters first week
(front page)
Sales of subscriptions to striking teachers and other unionists, immigrant rights activists, and young people looking for a class-struggle explanation of what is happening in world politics marked the first weekend in the Militant’s fall international circulation drive.

“We sold five subscriptions at a monthly protest vigil at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, Washington,” wrote in Edwin Fruit. “This is a private jail which houses workers who have been arrested by the immigration cops.” Among those buying subscriptions were workers visiting relatives detained there. They were glad to see a newspaper that takes the side of workers and is printed in both English and Spanish.

Two other subscriptions were sold to striking teachers in Kent, Washington.

Four subscriptions were sold in San Francisco at a protest to demand the release of the Cuban Five, who have been unjustly jailed in the United States for 11 years. Two subscriptions were sold at a street corner in a workers’ district where socialists regularly distribute the paper, reports Carole Lesnick.

New York supporters of the Socialist Workers campaign of Dan Fein for mayor sold 18 subscriptions at the Brooklyn Book Festival as well as 54 single copies of the paper and $545 worth of revolutionary books and pamphlets. Fifteen of those taking out subscriptions took advantage of the special offer to get a book at discounted rates with their subscription. Seven people chose New International number 14—a $14 magazine available for $10 with a subscription—which features the article “Revolution, Internationalism, and Socialism: The Last Year of Malcolm X.” Another six subscriptions were purchased at the Labor Day union parade.

In addition to the special offer on New International number 14, those who subscribe or renew can get issue number 10 of the magazine, featuring the article “Imperialism’s March toward Fascism and War,” for $10, as well as 50 percent off the books Problems of Women’s Liberation, The Working Class and the Transformation of Learning, and Cuba and the Coming Revolution.

The weekly chart will be based on subscriptions received in the business office by 9:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time each Tuesday. Please also send in reports on local subscription efforts and photos. The drive lasts until November 10.

The organizers of the international subscription drive are Tom Baumann of the Young Socialists and Militant staff volunteer Cindy Jaquith.

'Militant' subscription drive: Sept. 12-Nov. 10 (chart)

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