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Vol. 72/No. 48      December 8, 2008

Socialist Workers Party-Building
Fund approaches $90,000 goal
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Contributions to the Party-Building Fund of the Socialist Workers Party were $8,500 ahead of schedule as of the end of week seven of the drive. With $11,500 more needed to make the nationwide $90,000 goal, supporters in a number of cities are poised to go over their quotas.

Contributors are responding to new opportunities to build the communist movement in light of the economic crisis and workers’ resistance to the growing assault on their jobs, working conditions, and social wage.

Contributions from Seattle already exceed the $7,000 quota taken, with more pledges still to be collected, wrote John Naubert. A meeting there November 16 to celebrate the communist continuity of the SWP raised new contributions and pledges for the party-building fund. The featured speaker was James Harris, SWP candidate for mayor of Los Angeles.

“A combat party is a necessity for organizing the working class, so that workers can unite and act together in a centralized way to take power away from the capitalist class,” Harris explained. “The working class can’t take power through demagogy; the working class has to be conscious of its task.”

Among those at the event was Elizabeth Mintz, a junior in Latin American history at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma. “What James Harris said is never taught in the schools and I hope more people can hear the socialist message,” she said.

Readers who would like to contribute to the SWP Party-Building Fund should contact a local office listed on page 8.

$90,000 SWP Party-Building Fund Fall 2008 Chart: Week 7 of 9

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