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Vol. 72/No. 2      January 14, 2008

Support socialist ticket in ’08!
We urge you to support the Socialist Workers Party 2008 election campaign, which has just launched its presidential ticket of Róger Calero and Alyson Kennedy along with candidates for federal, state, and local office around the country. You can get the socialist candidates invited to speak before your union, school, or community group. Join campaigning teams on street corners and in working-class neighborhoods. Make a donation. Order extra copies of the Militant to get out the word on the socialist campaign.

The Socialist Workers candidates are explaining the working-class alternative to the Democrats and Republicans, the twin capitalist parties of exploitation, racism, and war. Millions today sense the growing impact of capitalism’s world financial crisis on working people: from sharply rising fuel and food prices, to bosses telling us we must “choose” between jobs or safety, wages or health care, pension cutbacks or two-tier pay scales for new hires. From the decline or outright denial of medical care, to banks foreclosing on more and more workers’ homes. From deadly police assaults in Black, Latino, and other working-class communities, to immigration raids and deportations.

The socialist campaign is the only one that addresses working people with a truthful explanation of this crisis and how it is caused by the normal operations of an economic and social system—capitalism—that is based on an irreconcilable conflict between labor and capital. The socialists offer a program to unify the working class and combat the efforts by the employer class to make us bear the brunt of the unfolding capitalist economic crisis. It is a strategy through which workers and farmers can take on the ruling billionaires and win.

The Socialist Workers candidates explain that not only do workers need unions on the job to mobilize against the onslaught of the boss class and its government. In the political arena we need a labor party, based on a fighting union movement, to defend the interests of working people here and internationally.

Calero and Kennedy have both been involved in political struggles that demonstrate the capacity of working people to fight and win. In 2002 Róger Calero and his party defeated the U.S. government’s attempts to deport him. That victory serves as an example in the battle for the legalization of all undocumented immigrants—a life-and-death question for the labor movement. Alyson Kennedy was among the leaders of a union-organizing struggle at the Co-Op coal mine in Utah, in which miners won broad labor solidarity in their effort to win safer job conditions, an end to company abuse, and improved wages. The dozens of deaths of U.S. miners in the last two years underscore the centrality of what that fight was about: to be safe, be union.

Working people need not choose between the least of all evils. Why support a candidate you don’t agree with? Whichever candidates end up winning the Democratic and Republican nominations, and whether one or the other takes the White House in November, there is no question they will continue to act in the bosses’ interests. Instead, join a campaign with candidates that you support, whose program is in your class interests!

Get involved in the Socialist Workers Party campaign! Contact the Militant distributor nearest you, listed on page 8, or the national campaign at
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