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   Vol. 70/No. 7           February 20, 2006  
Workers subscribe to ‘Militant,’
ask it to tell their side
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“One union member we talked to has worked at the mine as a surface equipment operator for 16 years,” said James Harris in a note to the Militant. While traveling from Atlanta to his new home in Los Angeles, Harris joined a team to sell the Militant February 3 outside the San Juan coal mine, owned by BHP Billiton, in Farmington, New Mexico.

“The miner wanted to get something in the Militant disputing recent reports here that the San Juan mine is one of the safest underground mines,” Harris said. “‘I challenge that,’ he told us. ‘The state inspector doesn’t know the conditions here. Becky Boone who made these remarks is an ex-BHP safety officer with the company and is now employed by New Mexico as a safety inspector.’”

Another miner suggested the Militant have some coverage on the history of MSHA, Harris said. A third donated $10 to help the paper out.

The team sold 79 copies and three subscriptions to the Militant at two mine portals in Farmington, a third in nearby Kayenta, Arizona, and at a Kayenta shopping mall, February 1-3.

Many working people are reacting to the Militant in a similar way: They want to talk about their struggles and share their experiences. The Militant is increasingly becoming their voice.

To allow more time to expand this integration of the paper with working-class struggles, the Militant has extended its current subscription renewal campaign by one week, to March 13. Responding to many reports like that from Harris, which show more workers subscribing for the first time when they see the paper at plant gates, in particular, the Militant has started counting introductory subscriptions in the campaign to increase its long-term readership. From the 375 subscriptions received the last two weeks, 210 are renewals or new long-term subs, and 165 introductory subscriptions.

The overall goal is now 1,350, up from the initial 1,000, after most distributors increased their quotas (see chart).

Between February 11 and February 19, Militant supporters are organizing a special effort, a “target week,” to get ahead in the circulation campaign. Its focus will be to accelerate meeting with readers whose subs have expired or are about to run out, and convince them to renew, along with selling other subs. The effort will be combined with winning new endorsements and contributions to the Militant Fighting Fund (see editorial).

Other reports point to what’s coming. Militant supporters who visited the K-2 potash mine in Esterhazy, Saskatchewan, Canada, last weekend sold 28 copies and two introductory subs. In addition, the union local there ordered 50 copies of this issue that carries these miners’ story (see article). You can be part of the effort. Order your bundle or join other teams near you (see directory).
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