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   Vol.66/No.29           July 29, 2002  
SWP campaigns announce candidates
in Florida, New York, and Washington
The Socialist Workers campaign has announced statewide candidates for office in Florida, New York, and Washington, D.C.

Running for governor of New York on the SWP ticket is Martín Koppel, editor of Perspectiva Mundial and the party’s candidate for mayor of New York City in the 2001 election. As one of his first campaign engagements, Koppel, together with Young Socialists leader Romina Green, is on a fact-finding trip to Paraguay and Argentina.

Describing one of the themes of his campaign, Koppel stated, "As the U.S. rulers accelerate their war plans against Iraq and increase their attacks on workers’ rights here at home, the Socialist Workers campaign will be presenting a fighting, working-class alternative to the parties of the ruling rich--the Democrats, Republicans, and other pro-capitalist parties."

The other announced Socialist Workers candidates in New York are: Jack Willey, a staff writer for the Militant, for comptroller; and Arrin Hawkins, a leader of the Young Socialists, for lieutenant governor. Congressional candidates include Margaret Trowe, William Estrada, and Paul Pederson, also a UFCW meat packer.

The New York Socialist campaign is planning an intensive two-week petitioning effort July 29–August 11 to gather 7,000 signatures--double the requirement--to place Trowe on the November ballot. Those interested in participating in this effort can contact the campaign at (212) 695-7358.

The Florida statewide campaign effort was launched at a Militant Labor Forum held July 13 in Miami. The Socialist Workers candidates there are meatpacking worker Rachele Fruit for governor; Lawrence Mikesh, a member of the Young Socialists, for lieutenant governor; farmer Karl Butts for Commissioner of Agriculture; and Michael Italie for U.S. congress in the 17th C.D. More than $600 was raised at the forum toward funding campaign activities.

And in Washington, D.C., socialist workers have kicked off a petitioning drive to collect more than 3,000 signatures to put Sam Manuel on the ballot for mayor. The campaign is appealing for volunteers in the effort and anyone interested can call (202) 387-1590 for more information.

Among those talking with SWP congressional candidate Estrada at a July 14 campaign table were two Haitians, who were both attracted to the Militant because of coverage in the strike by bus drivers in Queens. After looking through its pages, they explained that they enjoyed the international perspective it lays out and said that they plan to visit the nearby Pathfinder bookstore to check out titles in French.

Chris Hoeppner in Miami and Richard Sorrentino in New York contributed to this article.
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