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    Vol.61/No.33           September 28, 1997 
25 And 50 Years Ago  
September 29, 1972
ANN ARBOR, Mich., Sept. 18 - Nearly 1,000 women and men attended a spirited kickoff rally here last night for the campaign to pass Proposal B, the Michigan abortion referendum.

Proposal B says that a licensed doctor may perform an abortion on a woman up to the twentieth week of pregnancy in an approved hospital or clinic. The proposal will appear on the Nov. 7 Michigan ballot.

Those who came to the rally stayed until 2 a.m. in spite of a bomb threat that delayed the opening of the program. The rally featured actress Candice Bergen; Gloria Steinem, editor of Ms. magazine; and Black feminist Margaret Sloan.

Until Aug. 24 Michigan's abortion law prohibited all abortions except those performed to save a woman's life. The Michigan State Court of Appeals ruled Aug. 24 that abortions are legal up through the third month of pregnancy, but the exact status of the abortion law remains unclear in practice. If the referendum were to pass, it would become the state law.

Between August 1971 and March 1972, 3,000 people collected more than 300,000 signatures of registered voters on petitions. The state requires 212,000 valid signatures to place a referendum on the ballot.

A recent Detroit Free Press poll indicated that 64 percent of those responding were in favor of abortion law repeal.

September 29, 1947
FLINT, Mich., Sept. 22 - All four General Motors locals of the CIO United Auto Workers here have made plans to establish wholesale grocery stores in their union halls to help relieve the pressure of high food prices.

Each local is buying thousands of dollars of canned food weekly and selling them at wholesale prices to their members. This proposal has evoked a very favorable response from the rank and file who want the unions to really do something about the big squeeze on their pay checks.

Short paychecks have given rise to the demand for an immediate fight for the six-hour day at eight-hours pay. This was first raised by the Pioneer group at Fisher Body. In a leaflet they state:

"We believe plans must be made now for the 30-hour week at 40 hours pay. The miners have the 6 1/2 hour day at 8 hours pay! We can get it too. A new leadership with fighting spirit can bring this to the UAW convention."  
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