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    Vol.61/No.33           September 28, 1997 
Fund Helps Get French Titles Into Hands Of Workers, Youth  

NEW YORK - "We are making available to French-speaking workers and youth internationally the lessons of the communist movement in North America in building parties of industrial workers over the last two decades," explained Michel Prairie, editor of Le visage changeant de la politique aux États-Unis.

Prairie made his comments as the freshly edited manuscript for Pathfinder's upcoming French-language edition of The Changing Face of U.S. Politics: Working-Class Politics and the Trade Unions by Jack Barnes was being turned over for typesetting, and as the international campaign to raise $125,000 to make such books possible entered its third week.

"Our goal is to have it available at the founding convention of the YS as a national organization here in Canada," he said, adding that YS members are planning a special public event during their October 31-November 2 gathering in Montreal to celebrate the publication of the book.

Atlanta supporters of the fund held an event September 13 showing the potential this campaign offers. "International Labor Resistance: Report Back from Workers Conference in Cuba" was the title of the forum featuring Ernie Mailhot, a member of the Socialist Workers Party National Committee.

An audience of 25 heard Mailhot report on the resistance by working people throughout the world to the devastating conditions they face, as described by participants at the Havana-held conference early in August. Mailhot, who is also a member of the International Association of Machinists in Miami, said, "Workers who join these struggles can become stronger with Pathfinder books in their hands."

People attending the event made $554 in new pledges, and paid $504 on the spot, leading local fund supporters to raise their goal to $4,500.

Fund organizers can work with supporters in their areas prior to the local rallies to maximize collections at these events, put their areas on schedule, and - as in the case of Atlanta - use the momentum to win new and increased pledges, as well as raise their goals. As the scoreboard indicates, local goals are still some $4,000 short of the international goal needed.

Focusing on the outreach aspect of the fund, Alyson Kennedy reports that fund backers in Chicago adopted a numerical goal on contributors. "We already have 36 out of our goal to get 75 or more workers, youth, and others to help the fund," said Kennedy.

The deadline for sending in money to be counted for the weekly chart in the Militant has been changed to noon Tuesdays. Send contributions to: Pathfinder, 410 West Street, New York, NY 10014.  
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