Vol.59/No.22           June 5, 1995 

Why U.S. hates Iran
As an old reader and supporter of the Militant, I would like to mention a couple of points which I've noticed during my participation in the Militant sales teams in the past few months.

Sometimes its good to spice up the articles a little bit. I shall refer to the article " Washington escalates assault on Iran" dated May 15, 1995, as an example. I believe a "Why" could be added to the title as well.

Why? A) To mention the toppling of the Shah who was brought to power in a CIA-organized coup in 1953. B) To mention the solidarity the oil and steelworkers of America rendered to their brothers and sisters in 1978-79 against the brutal regime of the Shah. C) To mention the occupation of the U.S. embassy in 1979 by the revolutionary youth that further exposed the role of such embassies in the Third World countries - that is to spy on, sabotage, and attempt to murder and overthrow governments that are not all the way through subservient to the imperialists.

D) To mention the solidarity of millions of Iranian masses with the fight of the Palestinians for a secular state and against Zionism. E) And to let the readers know of the consciousness achieved thanks to the revolution that the masses expressed in their solidarity with Irish freedom fighters. So that the name of Churchill Street was changed to Bobby Sands - Irish freedom fighter and martyr.

Those mentioned are just some of the reasons why the U.S. imperialists hate Iran. They hate the consciousness and the sense of solidarity that the 1979 revolution gave birth to. That's why they have to tackle this problem if they want to rule like the past when they had a crowned cannibal under their thumb.

Ali Yousefi
Toronto, Canada

On gun control
In the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing and the way the Big Business mass media is attempting to demonize and marginalize 2nd and 4th Amendment advocates, I was wondering what the Militant's position is on gun control vs. the 2nd Amendment.

I am active in a group that is opposed to all gun control measures and advocates strongly in favor of 2nd Amendment rights. Most right-wingers have a tendency to paint all gun- control advocates and politicians proposing legislation that infringes on our Constitutional rights as 'Liberals' and 'Communists.'

I consider myself to be a Socialist and am definitely opposed to any infringement on our Constitutional rights and liberties. By being a part of this group I am attempting to break down the myths and generalizations that many working people, especially in rural areas, have toward the political left wing and in the process build bridges and educate.

I would appreciate an article on the gun control issue as well as an analysis of the campaign being waged currently in the mass media and in legislation to curtail our Constitutional rights.

Ed Meredith
Caneyville, Kentucky

Gambling rip off
The clamor for gambling casinos in Michigan is reaching fevered proportions as the lure of quick and easy profits cause gambling rip off artists to drool with excitement. Not content with extracting the surplus value produced by workers, they now want a percentage of their wages. The most persuasive argument given for casinos is envy of Windsor, Ontario, just across the Detroit River where millions are being made from Detroit workers that could be made by Detroit bosses.

Opposition to this is growing, but the majority would appear to favor it if you can trust press reports and politicians. Casinos create few good jobs and generally hire non-union workers. Moreover, they destroy other businesses and introduce more crime and prostitution. I am convinced gambling casinos are an exploitation of the working class and should be viewed that way.

Maurice Geary
Ferndale, Michigan

Notes from our readers

Your newspaper is very informative unlike the regular established papers around the country, more like dirt sheets.

A reader
Atlanta, Georgia

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