Vol.59/No.22           June 5, 1995 
Get All Of 1994 'Militant' In Bound Volume  

"Birth of new South Africa: a victory for humanity - Millions celebrate resounding vote for ANC." "Nationwide strike shuts eight Caterpillar plants - Workers demand end to victimization of union militants." "500,000 Cubans mobilize in defense of revolution - Workers, youth battle antigovernment rioters." "70,000 march in L.A. for immigrant rights."

These are just a few of the top headlines that appeared in the Militant in 1994. All 46 issues will soon be available in a bound volume, together with a complete index listing all articles by country, subject, and author. This collection is a valuable reference for workers, youth, and others who want to fight against the ravages capitalism imposes on working people every day. It makes easily accessible the wealth of news and analysis featured in the Militant over the entire last year, so readers can draw lessons from workers' struggles and revolutionary movements worldwide.

Last year Militant correspondents traveled to South Africa before and after the first-ever nonracial, democratic elections there; they wrote about how workers and farmers began seizing the political space they have won to bring down apartheid and advance their interests.

Reporters made several trips to Cuba, providing in-depth coverage on how the working class there is confronting the "special period" of economic challenges. Militant correspondents traveled there immediately after the "rafters crisis" in August, as hundreds of thousands of Cuban workers and youth mobilized against Washington's stepped-up provocations. The socialist weekly also carried extensive coverage of actions in the United States and elsewhere in defense of Cuba's sovereignty and the socialist revolution.

Over the course of the year the Militant ran several speeches by Fidel Castro, Nelson Mandela, and other leaders of the Cuban and South African revolutions.

The 1994 bound volume is packed with coverage on

The analysis in these issues of the Militant will help readers understand better the crisis of world capitalism today and the possibilities open to working people to build a revolutionary movement to put an end to the economic devastation, rightist movements, and wars that this system breeds. Readers can order the 1994 bound volume for just $75. The 1994 Militant index alone is $1.50. Both the 1994 and 1993 bound volumes can be purchased together for $125; some previous years are also available for $75 each. Orders should be prepaid to the Militant, 410 West St., New York, NY 10014.  
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