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Support the working-class alternative
Harris for President/Trowe for Vice President
Socialist Workers Campaign

Photo of James Harris
James Harris, Socialist Workers candidate for US president
Photo of Maggie Trowe
Maggie Trowe, Socialist Workers candidate for US vice-president
Photo of James Harris
James Harris visiting Marriot strikers in New York.
Photo of Maggie Trowe
Maggie Trowe talking with strikers at Appetizers and Inc. in Chicago
Photo of Jacob Perasso and John HawkinsJacob Perasso (center), candidate for U.S. Senate in New York, and John Hawkins (right), running for Congress in New York, talking with workers on strike against Verizon at a rally of 8,000 in New York.


Candidates' Biographies

Socialist Workers Campaign to be on ballot in 14 states

Vote Socialist Workers in 2000 -- List of Candidates
December 25, 2000SWP vote totals in November elections
November 13, 2000Trowe: 'Time for workers, farmers to take control'
November 13, 2000Workers' cause knows no borders, says socialist in 'Times' interview
November 13, 2000Vote Socialist Workers in 2000
Working-class alternative to parties of big business -- List of Candidates
November 06, 2000Minnesota socialist candidate for Senate debates opponents
November 06, 2000Coal miner runs for Senate in Pennsylvania
November 06, 2000Harris interviewed by Iowa campus paper
November 06, 2000Socialist candidates join march for immigrant rights in Chicago
October 30, 2000Harris condemns Israeli aggression, calls for self-determination for Palestinians
October 30, 2000Harris meets fighter for justice
October 30, 2000James Harris: Cuba trade bill is attack on rights of working people
October 30, 2000Harris addresses Palestinian activists
October 30, 2000Socialist candidate takes working-class campaign to Sweden
October 23, 2000Trowe joins Palestinian protest in Detroit
October 23, 2000Harris meets students, bus drivers in Iceland
October 16, 2000'Working people need to take political power'
Interview with SWP presidential candidate James Harris on WNYC radio
October 16, 2000Trowe talks with Nebraska meat packers
October 9, 2000'What Harris said needs to be heard,' says campus reporter
October 2, 2000'Trowe isn't your typical candidate'
October 2, 2000Harris takes socialist campaign to Florida

US vice-presidential candidate in Sydney -- from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation
September 25, 2000U.S. socialist candidate visits Maori fighters
September 25, 2000Harris joins workers at S. Carolina Labor Day
September 25, 2000Austin, Minnesota, paper interviews Trowe
September 19, 2000Former Swift employee returns to city as Socialist Workers Party candidate -- from Times-Republican
September 18, 2000Harris campaigns at Washington march
September 18, 2000U.S. socialist candidates visit Australia
September 14, 2000Former QPP worker running as vice president -- from The Austin Daily Herald
September 11, 2000Socialist candidate: 'Mobilize against cop brutality'
September 11, 2000In California, Trowe meets packing workers
September 11, 2000Socialists file for Florida ballot spot
September 11, 2000Socialists file for ballot status in New York
September 11, 2000Harris joins Pittsburgh phone workers' picket
September 7, 2000Socialist VP candidate calls Austin home -- from the Post-Bulletin
August 2000Decatur worker pushes socialism in presidential bid -- from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution
August 20003 Questions with James Harris, Socialist Workers Party presidential candidate --from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
August 28, 2000Trowe follows the trail of labor struggles in Louisiana, Mississippi
August 28, 2000Harris joins pickets in New England
August 28, 2000'The issue in our campaign is workers can change society'
August 21, 2000Socialist Candidate Optimistic --from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
August 21, 2000'Jail killer cops' say SWP candidates
August 21, 2000Harris meets with strikers at Verizon, Domino Sugar in New York
August 21, 2000Toronto protesters defend arrested activists
Socialist candidate: 'Drop charges now!'
August 15, 2000From Washington Post: Socialist Workers Party Aims for Ballot
August 14, 2000From Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Socialist party's presidential hopeful delivers a hard left here
August 14, 2000Press Release: Socialist Workers Campaign Files 4,400 Signatures on Petitions to Place Presidential Ticket on D.C. Ballot
July 31, 2000Socialist candidate joins Michigan rally
July 31, 2000Trowe meets fighters in Alabama, Mississippi
July 31, 2000Thousands sign to put socialists on NY ballot
July 31, 2000Ohio farmers tell Trowe about their struggle
July 31, 2000'Cops are the criminals,' says socialist candidate
July 24, 2000Independence for Puerto Rico is in the interests of U.S. working people'
SWP presidential candidate James Harris speaks at UN hearings on decolonization
July 24, 2000SWP presidential candidate Harris talks with meat packers and farmers in Iowa
July 24, 2000Trowe joins NY pro-choice action, meets young fighters
July 24, 2000Socialists launch ballot drive in New York
July 17, 2000SWP candidate gets good response at antiracist protest
July 17, 2000Trowe brings campaign to NOW meeting
July 17, 2000SWP candidate gets good response at antiracist protest
July 17, 2000Socialist Workers slate of candidates for 2000 elections
July 17, 2000Good response to socialist petitioning in Washington
July 10, 2000Our campaign is a voice for fighting workers
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