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Vol. 81/No. 7      February 20, 2017




Is Trump a fascist?
I have thought a great deal about this. I do not think that most who voted for him were necessarily motivated by racism and bigotry, though some were. In reality, it is capitalism, the pauperization of many workers, the sell-out labor bureaucracy and the Democratic Party leadership that paved the way for Trump’s victory and not racist and ignorant workers.

Concerning the massive anti-Trump protests, though the leadership attempted to herd people back into the Democratic Party fold, many more were motivated by anti-racism, anti-fascism and their disgust with conditions in this capitalist system.

Camillo Santo
Western Pennsylvania

Cubans want socialism
The day that [Fidel] Castro’s death was announced in the U.S. media, Good Morning America had a special segment… saying he was starving the people. I was outraged at this show and lies. If Castro’s regime was so horrific, then why are Cubans still memorializing him and genuinely mourning? They are passionate about the revolution and want socialism to continue.

A prisoner

‘Militant’ help to prisoners
Please know that your paper has been and still is a great help to me and others. Thank you all. The will of the people is my goal. Revolutionary greetings to all.

A prisoner

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