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Vol. 81/No. 6      February 13, 2017

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Communist League protests Canada mosque attack

The following joint statement by Philippe Tessier, Communist League candidate for mayor of Montreal and Katy LeRougetel, Communist League candidate for mayor of Calgary, was released Jan. 30.

The Communist League condemns the brutal massacre at the Islamic Cultural Centre in Quebec City that killed six people and critically wounded five other worshippers at the mosque. We call on workers, farmers and defenders of democratic rights to condemn this vicious attack. We call for the arrest and prosecution of those responsible. We join with those in the streets across Canada and the world protesting this heinous act. We join those protesting the U.S. government’s ban on citizens from seven countries with Muslim majorities from entering the U.S.

This attack and others on Muslims and mosques — from Calgary to Sept-Îles — are the inevitable consequence of the climate created by the capitalist rulers in Canada and their government. They promote anti-Muslim hysteria to serve their war aims and to justify spying on mosques and Muslims by CSIS [Canadian Security Intelligence Service] and the RCMP [Royal Canadian Mounted Police]. The fact is that most victims of Islamist terrorism are Muslims. And the world capitalist crisis also provokes a rise in Jew-hatred and anti-Semitic attacks — a deadly danger for the working class.

Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau voted for Bill C-51, now known as the Anti-Terrorism Act, passed in 2015 by the previous Conservative government. He has yet to fulfill his campaign “promise” to change “problematic” sections of the law. We oppose police spying. History has shown it is aimed above all at the working class and our unions. For example, despite widespread support Mohamed Harkat, who was arrested in 2002 under an “anti-terrorism” act and spent years in prison and under house arrest, is still threatened with deportation to Algeria.

While talking peace, for more than 25 years the Canadian government has participated in and given support to the endless imperialist wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. As the worldwide capitalist economic crisis deepens with no end in sight, there will be more attacks on democratic and political rights and on workers and our unions at home, as the Canadian propertied rulers accelerate trade wars and shooting wars abroad.

Stop the attacks on Muslims and mosques! Stop attacks on Jews and synagogues! Oppose assaults on democratic and political rights! Canadian and U.S. troops out of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria!
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