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Vol. 80/No. 41      October 31, 2016


Attacks on Muslims, Sikhs met by protests in Canada

CALGARY, Alberta — Recent threats against Muslims in Alberta have been met with protests and expressions of solidarity. Several dozen anti-Muslim posters were hung on the University of Calgary campus Oct. 4. Four days later, worshippers at the Islamic Centre of South Calgary found the glass front door broken, a burnt Koran and a hate letter.

The morning after the posters were hung, students and faculty rallied to condemn the posters and write messages of solidarity. The Hussaini Association of Calgary invited broad participation in its annual “Peace and Unity” march downtown Oct. 9, handing out informational cards on Islam that denounced “those who have hijacked a peaceful faith to serve their own corrupt ideologies, such as ISIS, whose targets are over 90% Muslims.”

Speaking of the anti-Muslim attacks, march participant Ali Hayder told the Militant, “If we allow this kind of behavior to grow, it won’t stop at Muslims.” Hayder, an oil and gas engineer, described the solidarity in the small town north of Calgary where he lives. “On Fridays, because there is no mosque in Airdrie, Muslims use a church and it is acceptable for both sides.”

A Communist League delegation visited the Islamic Centre Oct. 13 to express solidarity in response to the vandalism. “They always need scapegoats,” a taxi driver told them. “But in this neighborhood, everyone smiles and talks to each other — there’s the Baptist center next door.”

In an earlier incident in Edmonton posters targeting Sikhs appeared at the University of Alberta Sept. 19 that read, “F--k your Turban.” In response the following week, dozens of students participated in a “turban tie-in,” lining up to have a turban wrapped on.  
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