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Vol. 78/No. 18      May 12, 2014

Militant Fighting Fund starts
strong in Manchester, England
At the end of the second week of our seven-week campaign to raise $115,000 for the Militant, a voice of the working class, the Militant Fighting Fund has received contributions totaling $22,940.

These contributions are used for basic operating expenses, but also make possible international reporting trips, like the most recent one to Ukraine.

“The fund made a flying start at the Militant Labor Forum April 5 in Manchester,” wrote Dag Tirsén from the United Kingdom. He and Catharina Tirsén, who were both part of the reporting team there, spoke at the forum where participants gave $640.

“The team was greeted with open arms by the fighters at Maidan Square in Kiev when they saw the Militant’s front-page photo of protesters in Crimea carrying banners in Ukrainian saying ‘Ukraine is not Russia’ and ‘Crimea is Ukraine,’” said Dag Tirsén.

Socialist workers selling door to door are often given a few dollars extra by workers. These donations go to the Militant Prisoners’ Fund, which subsidizes subscriptions for workers behind bars.

“I really enjoy getting the Militant. I’m indigent right now. So if I could get another six months, I’d really be happy,” wrote a prisoner from California. In April more than $325 was paid to the prisoners’ fund.

To contribute to the fighting fund, contact distributors listed on page 8 or send a check or money order to the Militant, 306 W. 37th St., 13th Floor, New York, NY 10018-2482.
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