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Vol. 77/No. 6      February 18, 2013

‘Volunteers welcome to help get
socialists on Omaha ballot’
(front page)
OMAHA, Neb.—The sun was shining. More volunteers, more Militant subscriptions sold, more sales of books on revolutionary working-class politics and more working people signed up here to place on the ballot Maura DeLuca for mayor and Jacob Perasso for City Council District 4.

Four hundred eighty-three people signed petitions for DeLuca and 69 for Perasso over the Feb. 2-3 weekend. The requirements are 1,000 signatures of registered voters for mayor and 100 for city council. So far 925 have signed up for DeLuca and 154 for Perasso. Supporters of the socialist campaign are organizing to go substantially over the requirement, as the election commission has said each signature will be checked for validity.

The deadline to file for the primary is March 1. The top two vote getters in the April 2 election for each office will face off in the general election May 14.

As the numbers of working people that sign the petitions increase, so do sales of the socialist newsweekly. Sixty copies of the Militant, eight 12-week subscriptions and one renewal subscription were sold over the weekend. Also purchased were two books on special: Cuba and Angola: Fighting for Africa’s Freedom and Our Own and Women and Revolution: The Living Example of the Cuban Revolution.

“I like talking to workers at their doorsteps with the Militant,” said Jorge Rios, 28. “We not only get to hear what these workers are thinking, but it’s also a good way for supporters of the paper to get out a revolutionary perspective and find we have a lot in common.”

A total of $15 was donated to the campaign from a number of workers who signed petitions. More than $60 was collected at a campaign social event Saturday afternoon.

“Volunteers are always welcome, always needed,” said Perasso. To volunteer or for more information, contact the Socialist Workers Party campaign in Omaha at (402) 779-7697; email:  

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