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Vol. 75/No. 44      December 5, 2011

International subscription
drive poised to go over top!
(front page)
November 21—With three days to go in an international subscription drive, we are at 2,200100 percent of our goal! With élan and determination, members of the communist movement in each area are now either fighting for their local quota or, having already reached it, are organizing their forces to push beyond in a collective effort to go well over the top.

The drive ends at midnight Wednesday, November 23. A final scoreboard and wrap-up article will be published in next week’s issue.

“Ellen Brickley, Buddy Howard, and I,” wrote Maggie Trowe from Des Moines, Iowa, “went to the Red River Valley November 17 where 1,300 sugar-beet workers are battling a lockout by American Crystal Sugar and where we have sold some 160 subscriptions since the lockout began August 1. Bringing solidarity, we visited the picket lines in Drayton and Hillsboro, N.D., as well as in Crookston and East Grand Forks, Minn., and sold nine subscriptions, two of which were renewals.”

Howard is a corn-processing worker and member of Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers Local 48G, which fought a 10-month lockout against Roquette America in Keokuk, Iowa, that ended in July.

“Reaching out to longshore workers and supporters engaged in a hard-fought struggle against union busting by EGT Development in Longview, Wash.,” writes Mary Martin from Seattle, “members of the Socialist Workers Party and other Militant supporters recently sold five subscriptions going door to door in the Latino community of Longview.

“This brings us to a total of 116 subscriptions and 57 copies of Teamster Rebellion and other Teamster titles by Farrell Dobbs sold in Longview since the end of July,” she added. The four-volume Teamster series recounts the strikes and organizing drives that transformed the Teamsters union in the 1930s in much of the Midwest into a fighting social movement. (See ad on this page.)

“Members of the Miami branch of the SWP,” writes Tom Baumann, “sold 21 Militant subscriptions this weekend, including 15 to participants in the Miami International Book Fair. In addition, a team went door to door in Fort Lauderdale and Miami Gardens where four residents decided to subscribe to the paper.”  
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