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Vol. 75/No. 24      July 4, 2011

‘We’ll stay in touch
with our new readers!’
(front page)
In the weeks and months ahead, members of the Socialist Workers Party and communist organizations in other countries will be getting back in touch with as many as possible of the 2,800 workers, farmers, and young people who’ve gotten introductory subscriptions to the Militant since early February.

We’ll be joining with our new subscribers in political and union struggles they’re engaged in, large and small; talking with them about a revolutionary working-class response to today’s worldwide crisis of capitalist rule; and urging them to renew and become regular readers, worker-correspondents, and distributors of a “newsweekly published in the interests of working people.”

As shown on the scoreboard below, supporters of the Militant shot well over the international goal of our six-week spring campaign to win 2,000 new subscribers to the paper. At the close of the drive, 2,192 subscriptions had been sold—10 percent over the top!

That’s in addition to the more than 600 subscriptions sold prior to the opening of the drive—as socialist workers responded to union-busting assaults against public employees in Wisconsin and other states, as well as fights by workers resisting employer lockouts and other attacks, popular uprisings across North Africa and the Middle East, and developments in the class struggle of importance to workers and farmers the world over.

How we met the subscription goal, and what it shows about decisive political changes among millions of working people in small towns and large cities across the United States, are explained in the front-page article on the June 9-11 active workers conference in Ohio and a message by Socialist Workers Party leader Jack Barnes to five Cuban revolutionaries framed up and held in U.S. prisons (see page 7).

Send us your comments and opinions about what you’re reading each week in the Militant. And get in touch with the workers nearest you who write for the paper and help distribute it, listed in the directory on page 8.

In solidarity,

Steve Clark
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