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Vol. 75/No. 10      March 14, 2011

Help get out the ‘Militant’
at Wisconsin rallies!
The Militant has been an important voice helping to build solidarity backing public workers in Wisconsin. We urge our readers to get a bundle of the paper and help circulate it at protests against the antiunion Wisconsin bill and other fights going on.

At a Wisconsin solidarity rally of about 300 people in Miami, 10 people subscribed to the Militant and another 45 single copies were sold. “Earlier that morning we sold 20 copies of the Militant to members of the International Longshore Association gathering to sign up for work at the union hall in Ft. Lauderdale,” reports Naomi Craine. “One woman bought the paper going into the hall. On her way out she said, ‘I’ve already read a couple of the articles and they really struck a chord.’”

Militant supporters sold 12 subscriptions and 70 single copies at a February 26 rally in Madison, Wisconsin, despite bitter cold and heavy snowfall. “Over the past week at three demonstrations in solidarity with Wisconsin workers, we sold 57 Militants and six subscriptions,” reports Susan LaMont from Washington, D.C. Distributors in Boston sold two subscriptions and 38 papers at actions on Wisconsin and on abortion rights, reports Laura Garza.

In New York City, 13 subscriptions and 67 single copies were sold February 26, reports Tom Baumann. They were purchased at a rally backing the Wisconsin workers, an abortion rights demonstration, and an action supporting the Libyan people rebelling against the Moammar Gadhafi regime.

To order a bundle of the Militant contact us at or see the right top of the masthead on our website, Or call us at (212) 244-4899.
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