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Vol. 75/No. 5      February 7, 2011

‘Subscribers are eager to talk
about issues facing workers’
(front page)
Supporters of the Militant around the world are responding to the appeal to reach out broadly and take advantage of the opportunities to win long-term readers to the socialist press. They have stepped up their efforts to contact every recent subscriber and have a discussion with them about renewing. The international renewal campaign has been set at 400. The deadline to complete the drive is February 15.

"Socialists in San Francisco are finding that a good number of subscribers are eager to get together to discuss the challenges facing working people today," writes Betsey Stone. "A coworker participated with us at a hotel workers' picket line and renewed his subscription during a discussion afterward."

In addition to current readers renewing their subscriptions, supporters of the paper should work to sign up new readers for six months. These subscriptions count toward local quotas and the international goal.

Bernie Senter reports, "We got a new six-month subscription after meeting a leader of the Miami taxi drivers." The drivers have been protesting increased charges by fleet owners and the county government.

House visits are essential to win renewals. In Minneapolis, Natalie Morrison says she met with a member of the painters union who three months ago subscribed and bought Malcolm X, Black Liberation, and the Road to Workers Power by Jack Barnes.

"I asked what she thinks of the Militant and if she would like to renew," writes Morrison. "She was happy to have found a paper that has an international perspective and tells the truth about what African Americans have accomplished in the struggles for rights."

She renewed for six months and set up a time this week to continue the discussion. She also bought several Pathfinder books.

In San Francisco, supporters of the paper are taking advantage of the $14 special offer on the new Pathfinder title Soldier of the Cuban Revolution by brigadier general Luis Alfonso Zayas to get it into the hands of as many people as they can who are renewing.

Frank Forrestal reports he met with a prounion worker at Delta Air Lines. "He likes the paper, reads it at work, and coworkers have asked how they can get it," says Forrestal. The worker renewed for one year and took subscription blanks to sign up a few of his coworkers.

In Canada, members of the Communist League have picked up five renewals, one to a student at Marianopolis College in Montreal who helped organize a meeting for Cuban general Armando Choy on his campus in the spring. "This week we have five appointments to get renewals," writes Joe Young.

The quotas adopted by local areas fall short of the 400 international goal, but several cities are considering higher quotas, which will be recorded in next week’s chart.

Readers who have not yet been contacted can mail renewals directly to the paper, and everyone is encouraged to sign up others to subscribe. For more information, contact a distributor in your area listed on page 8.
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