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Vol. 74/No. 44      November 22, 2010

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‘Workers Power,’ ‘Militant’
sales expand among workers
Militant/Cecelia Moriarity
John Naubert, who was Socialist Workers Party candidate for U.S. Senate from Washington State, introducing Militant and Workers Power book at immigrant rights demonstration, one of many actions where socialists campaigned with book and Militant during fall drive.

Hundreds of workers on the job, young people on campuses, and individuals involved in political activity picked up copies of Malcolm X, Black Liberation, and the Road to Workers Power by Jack Barnes and subscriptions to the Militant newspaper over the past two months. In all, 1,776 copies of the book and 2,031 subscriptions to the Militant were sold.

One feature of this drive was the receptivity among factory workers to discussions about the crisis of capitalism and what is the road forward for the working class. Many picked up the book and a subscription after talking to socialist workers on the job. “Communist workers at a bakery in East London report selling nine Militant subscriptions and five Workers Power books to coworkers during the drive,” wrote Olöf Andra Proppé.

Francisco Cambero, who works at a pharmaceutical plant in New York, followed up on a number of discussions he had with coworkers about socialist politics during the fall election campaigns. On the last two days of the drive he picked up three subscriptions and sold five copies of the Workers Power book. Twenty-nine workers subscribed to the Militant, and 33 copies of the book were sold, at two factories where members of the Socialist Workers Party work in the New York area.

While not every area made its goals, and the international drive came up short, there was a steady campaign over eight weeks to reach out to workers, farmers, young people, and individuals involved in political activity. Socialist campaigners joined picket lines in Iowa; demonstrations against government austerity measures in France and the United Kingdom; rallies for jobs in Washington, D.C.; protests against police brutality in California; actions for abortion rights in Australia; and many other activities in regions around the world. Everywhere there was interest and eagerness to discuss why a socialist revolution is necessary and possible.

A real spirit developed over the last couple of weeks of the drive, as areas organized to make and go over their quotas.

“We sold 29 Workers Power books since last week,” wrote Becca Williamson from Des Moines.

“This was our best week yet—15 books and 15 subscriptions,” wrote Joe Young from Montreal.

While the fall campaign is over, the effort to go out and talk to workers and youth about politics, the working class struggle, and the fight for a socialist revolution, is ongoing.

Shortly after the final scoreboard was put together, Paul Davies from London wrote, “Socialist workers from here and Edinburgh joined tens of thousands of students on a demonstration in London against education cuts. Five books and five subscriptions to the Militant were sold.”

“Socialist Workers from Des Moines and Chicago will be going to Keokuk, Iowa, for a solidarity march for the workers locked out at Roquette this weekend,” wrote Alyson Kennedy. “Here in Chicago, we’ll also be starting up a plant-gate sale with the Militant at a meatpacking plant where workers are involved in a union-organizing drive.”
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