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Vol. 74/No. 19      May 17, 2010

Vandals attack immigrant rights group
SEATTLE—More than 50 organizations and individuals have spoken out against a vandalism attack on one of the organizations that was building the May 1 immigrant rights march here.

Volunteers picking up leaflets at the Washington Community Action Network offices on April 25 found that a marble-sized projectile had penetrated a plate glass window. One vehicle belonging to the immigrant rights group had slashed tires; another had foam plugging the tail pipe. Both vehicles had graffiti marked “RaHoWa” and “88”on them.

The Web site of these markings shows they stand for the neo-Nazi group Racial Holy War; “88” represents “Heil Hitler.”

Will Pittz, executive director of the immigrant rights group, said the vandalism “won’t stop us from doing the work we have to do.” Dave Schmitz, president of United Food and Commercial Workers Local 21, sent a message saying, “We will not back down from the moral necessity of our time: fighting injustice in all its forms, including injustice against immigrants and the oppressed.”
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