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Vol. 74/No. 18      May 10, 2010

Nearly 1,400 ‘Workers
Power’ books distributed
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Heading into the May 1 immigrant rights rallies we had sold 1,380 copies of the book Malcolm X, Black Liberation, and the Road to Workers Power by Jack Barnes, along with 1,407 Militant subscriptions. This puts us in good position to take a big step forward in the next week.

Supporters in Los Angeles sold 32 copies of the book, 22 of them with subscriptions, at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books April 24-25, reports Bill Arth. Eight copies of the book and 11 subscriptions were purchased at the April 25 march in Phoenix against the new anti-immigrant law in Arizona.

In Yakima, Washington, 13 people attending a Students of Color Conference purchased Militant subscriptions and nine of them got the Workers Power book. One of these students “was from central Washington, where over 500 farm workers were recently fired as a result of an immigration audit,” writes Edwin Fruit. “He said he had been looking for ‘this kind of literature which tells the truth about the working class and its struggles.’”

Distributors in Canada are finding an eager audience awaiting publication of the new book in French. “An African we met at a regular literature table we set up in the workers district where our book center is located, came to the center, subscribed, pre-ordered two of the Workers Power books in French, and bought other books as well,” reports Joe Young in Montreal.

Ron Poulsen in Sydney, Australia, says, “We had a successful Militant Labor Forum on the topic ‘No Miner Has To Die! Union Power Is Needed to Enforce Safety’ here.” It followed a March 28 accident at the Patrick Port Botany dock in Sydney, where a worker was crushed to death. A dockworker who was a former Militant subscriber participated in the meeting and afterward renewed his subscription and bought the book.
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