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Vol. 72/No. 14      April 7, 2008

Greek translation of ‘Declarations
of Havana’ celebrated at meeting
(Pathfinder Around the World column)
KATERINI, Greece—More than 40 people attended a meeting to celebrate the publication of The First and Second Declarations of Havana in Greek. The event was hosted by the To Mati bookstore here in the town of Katerini, located in the agricultural region of Pieria.

Since the book was first published by Diethnes Vima last June, 300 copies have been sold to bookstores and to workers and youth at political events.

The meeting received local television coverage including an interview with José Cala, first secretary of the Cuban embassy, who was one of the speakers.

Cala explained the importance of the book to Cuba’s continued survival despite the U.S.-imposed embargo. “That a country of 11 million inhabitants, economically underdeveloped and militarily inferior to the U.S., can incite such fear as to make military confrontation unthinkable makes the revolution stronger in the eyes of the world,” he said.

Zissis Zannas, president of the Youth of Synaspismos (Coalition of the Left of Movements and Ecology), opened the event highlighting the important message the Cuban revolution has provided to the youth of the world. He introduced Cala and Natasha Terlexis, who spoke representing Diethnes Vima.


Volunteers in the Pathfinder printing project have recently added 120 reviews of Pathfinder Press books to the publisher’s website, This brings the total of reviews posted on the site to 140.

The reviews, which can be found on the web page for each book, are important tools for bookstore, library, and individual buyers interested in selecting Pathfinder titles.

These reviews span more than 70 years and come from internationally distributed journals such as the New York Times, Le Monde Diplomatique, and the Christian Science Monitor, as well as from a number of scholarly sources and trade journals that are widely distributed to book buyers and librarians. Many are by well-known writers, scholars, and activists, including Alice Walker, Rafael Cancel Miranda, Piri Thomas, and René González, one of the five revolutionaries from Cuba imprisoned in the United States on trumped-up charges of “conspiracy to commit espionage.”

A customer who wants to see what others think of Woman’s Evolution by Evelyn Reed can visit that book’s page and browse through 22 reviews. “Useful in sociology and anthropology courses and to any woman needing encouragement about the contributions of her sex to history” is the way the American Association for the Advancement of Science describes this book. “Mandatory reading for students of the Cuban Revolution” is how Hispanic American Historical Review describes Episodes of the Cuban Revolutionary War, 1956-58 by Ernesto Che Guevara.

Pathfinder volunteers working on this project are convinced that many more reviews exist and would welcome help from anyone with access to subscription-based review and clippings websites.  
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